A truly inspirational and heart-stopping adventure launched by His Royal Highness Prince Harry, in which a team of wounded servicemen take on the world's toughest mountain, Everest.

Harry's Mountain Heroes follows a five-strong team of wounded servicemen as they face the altitude, extreme climate and sheer physical hard work of summiting the world's highest mountain.

It reveals His Royal Highness Prince Harry's role as Patron of Walking With The Wounded, the charity organising the expedition, as he spearheaded the launch of the Everest expedition. But at the heart of the story is the journey the soldiers have been on since active service in Afghanistan or Iraq when they suffered debilitating life-changing injuries. All face the unknown, both in their attempt to summit Everest, their ongoing rehabilitation and re-integration into civilian life po
st injury.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the world's highest mountain range, Harry's Mountain Heroes close up perspective on a unique, dangerous and truly inspiring mission as the wounded soldiers face an extreme challenge.

"I think to give yourself a challenge on such a magnitude as climbing Everest is remarkable, it really is, but it just proves that and hopefully what these guys are proving is no matter what your injury, no matter whether you're military or civilian, you can overcome injuries."
- Prince Harry at the launch of the Everest expedition